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Edgerunner RPG

February 2012

I am in the process of reviving an old hobby with a big bang. I used to play and run role playing games, especially of the sci-fi genre. After a decade of a hiatus, I’m back with an apetite. I’m in the process of writing my own game, the Edgerunner RPG and running alpha tests. Check it out.

Questions about Industrial Design?

September 2010

I'm trying to set up a new Q&A site about Product design on StackExchange. StackExchange provides the infrastructure for community owned Q&A websites, and they ask for a number of people to start following it before they launch a topic site in earnest. I started the one for Product design. Now it is in need of a kick start. Why don't you come in and give it a push. Join and start following, contribute to the example questions, share it with fellow industrial designers so that we have a nice system to share our know how.


May 2010

Since December 2009, I have been working together with Ms. İdil Tunga, an incredibly fast-learning young lady who is a veteran of Umeå like myself. Since she came in, she sprouted a deeply growing talent in sound design, and went through the task of designing sounds in two sizable projects all by herself. Two makes a team. Wow!

Hej igen, Umeå

November 2009

Going back to Umeå for the 20th anniversary of Designhögskolan to reconnect with friends and colleagues. I will be out of office between December 2-9 2009

New Zealand

April 2009

Going to New Zealand to spend a week at the Victoria University of WellingtonSchool of Design and I will hopefully return with interesting news.


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